Past Concerts & Events

The Yorkshire Clarinet Ensemble performs at a wide variety of public events, including many organised by Leeds City Council.  Some of these events are shown below:


~  Kirstall Festival, Leeds - an annual festival which attracts around 25,000 people


~  Bands in Park - Leeds City Council's series of summer concerts, at various venues including Yeadon Tarn and Victoria Park, Calverley


~  Kirkgate Market, Leeds - performing at the first late night Thursday opening for the festive season


~  Leeds Town Hall - playing Christmas carols at a Vegan Christmas food festival


~  Leeds railway station - Christmas busking on the concourse, helping St George’s Crypt with their fundraising


~  St Andrew’s Church, Pudsey


~  The Light leisure & retail centre, Leeds - entertaining Christmas shoppers with seasonal music to add to the festive atmosphere

Yorkshire Clarinet Ensemble at Kirkgate Market, Leeds

The Yorkshire Clarinet Ensemble at the historic Kirkgate Market, Leeds, 2017